Looking for Team outing venue near Jodhpur, where you can bring your employees for rejuvenation, then you are at right place, we Thar Oasis Resort and Camp are known for our team building activities. Many corporate companies visit us every year for team building activities.

Team outing or team building activity has been an essential part of maintaining and increase the morale of the workforce in any corporate setup. It could be a part of annual curricular that your company offers to its dedicated staff or may be reward on an accomplishment. A casual trip to the peaceful desert of Rajasthan can fulfil all your objectives. With Thar Oasis Resort and Camp as your host and leading team outing venue near jodhpur you may re-imagined the entire concept of casual corporate team outing. We at THAR OASIS believe these trips are really important to the corporate and their employees. It gives a chance to the all to explore the enthusiasm they had in their inner self which further refreshes them. Thar Oasis Resort and Camp at the heart of Rajasthan are expert in hosting such corporate team outings. We make sure the team enjoys the most of our hospitality and the royal touch of Rajasthani culture.

Being the best team outing venue near Jodhpur we understand the value of your comfort. The team can come and relax in our luxury Swiss tents and royal huts to get started with. We believe, the core objective of corporate team outing is to relax and get away with the chaotic and monotonous daily life schedule. At Thar Oasis Resort and Camp this starts from Day 1. Teams or groups are welcomed as per traditional Rajasthani Culture. First on their itinerary would be a Night Camp fire in the middle of Desert. The cool and silent breeze all around its like the feeling of being in heaven while you are on a break from your work and its something anyone would be eager to experience, we at THAR OASIS assure you to get this experience. Next in line would be the visit to giant Mehrangarh fort along with the exploration of blue city, its arts, craft and culture.

Glimpse of Corporate Group Tour at Thar Oasis

If the trip is planned in between Novembers to February, the members can also witness Saras Crane and Flamingo birds as well in this area. Next day, excitement can reach to the next level as we arrange for the Desert Jeep Safari. The stretched area full of high dunes and steep falls is what gives you the adrenaline rush. When you are in Rajasthan, you can’t afford to miss the ride on “Ship of Desert” to take the desert on. At the sunset you can measure the dune at height with humps.

The Final Say!

Thar Oasis Resort and Camp promises a real desert experience and ultimate team building atmosphere. From campfire in the middle of nowhere to luxurious tents on dunes, we are well aware of the unexplored places of Rajasthan which has lot to offer other than its smooth sand. To add up the list, a village walk can be arranged to have an interaction with the local culture, colour and cuisines. Every trip, especially a corporate casual outing should be ended with a blast, here we are ready to host a pool side DJ party or a karaoke or a showcase of traditional performances whichever please you the best.

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