Wedding Bells are Ringing or shall we say Destination Wedding Bells are Ringing? Then you are at right place..We at THAR OASIS are excellent choice to host Destination Weddings which are Extravagant, Lavish, Luxurious, Fun, and Unique; but hey, hold on; all this we offer well within your budget. This is THAR OASIS’s expertise to host a budget Destination Wedding at exotic locations ????like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer??? HOW COME ALL THESE LOCATIONS?. Rajasthan is well known for its unmatched hospitality and we at THAR OASIS Resort and Camp assure that you get the best of it. These locations are well renowned for their heritage, arts & crafts, locations best suited for photography, colours, and palaces. The feeling of Royalty is always in the Air of Rajasthan. All these gets team up for your dream destination wedding and provide an unparalleled event of lifetime. With THAR OASIS Resort and Camp as your host, you can do some unique things at your destination wedding from the usual wedding you may have seen in recent times.

Glimpse of Destination Weddings at Thar Oasis


Extra Marricular Activities at THAR OASIS Resort and Camp

Elephants decorated in Royal Regalia are arranged to your dream destination wedding. Elephants are always part of grand royal wedding of Rajasthan and other places. The giant animal has been always a part of any big or small event of royal kings of Rajasthan. Imagine the Bride and Groom enters the arena where guests are waiting to see the glimpse of couple. As they walk towards the stage on red carpet, they get the royal salute from elephants standing by.

Similar to elephants a grand welcome of both Bride and Groom from horses and camels are very much part of royal wedding at Thar Oasis Resort and Camp. If you wish to fantasise the day, you may even choose elephants, horses and camels to be at the doorstep and walkways all around the arena to welcome and salute the bride and groom along with guests. Camels being the “Ship of Desert” are part of local Rajasthani culture. The guest may also opt to enjoy Elephant, Camel and horse rides while they enjoy the grand and unique wedding they have ever attended.

To add up to the royal heritage look, we suggest having torch bearers at highlighted sections of the resort. For e.g. – You may have the men standing tall holding old traditional torch around the stage and Mandap, entrance of hall or to be with those who are welcoming the guests. The torch bearers were used to be a source of light at night during earlier times. The torch and torch bearers can be utilized as icing on cake by placing them at a place where only mild light is needed such as to capture romantic moments of couple.

The Final Say!

Along with the above, as THAR OASIS understands the customs of marriage well, we also have in-house respectable Mehandi artists, who are serving in Rajasthan for generations and are renowned for their creativity. Other peripheral items like Pagri/Safa, pool side party, DJ night, fireworks are very much part of destination weddings at THAR OASIS. Folk performances can also be a great choice at destination wedding. While the elders and the family members perform rituals and ceremony, the other guests can enjoy local artistic performances that once used to be a part of Rajmahals or Palaces.

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