It’s time to re-ignite the romance in your life. Whether you are celebrating a milestone in your personal life of imitating a new journey filled with love and romance; a fine Dinner on Dune at the heart of The THAR Desert should be your first choice. Jodhpur has always been a preferred destination to explore but have you ever discovered the romance in its desert? THAR OASIS Resort and Camp offers you the real Romantic Desert Experience for a lifetime.

Candle light dinners at lavish restaurants in cities has become thing of past when you are celebrating a memorable evening. THAR OASIS resort and Camp at the outskirts of Jodhpur and at the centre of the beautiful Thar Desert is all set to host a Luxurious Romantic Evening with a private Dinner on Dune. You will be driven to a totally private set up at the middle of the Thar Desert. The sole place would invite you to get cozy with your beloved one. The mild lights lit up the desert as gold and indulge you in get intimate with your partner. That’s the beauty of Dinning on Dune with THAR OASIS resort and Camp. The idea itself gives you goose bumps and believe us Our Romantic Desert Experience will add moments in your love life.

We at THAR OASIS provide you the opportunity of a delightful tour of desert before the sun sets for a lovely evening. The tour covers dune ride on camels – the Camel Caravans or on a four wheel drive- Dune bashing. You are welcome to vivid cultural performances of traditional Rajasthani folk songs and dance to make the most of your evening. The dinner on dune evening is set to provide you a royal romantic desert experience which once was used to be a part of romance of Royal Rajput’s king.

Glimpse of Dinner on Dune at Thar Oasis

Romance in Air

If your romance involves some adventure, we at THAR OASIS resort and camp arrange parasailing ??HOW?? for you before the sun sets over the horizons. You and your sweetheart can have some quiet time all alone up there to make the moment exciting and set the stage for a memorable dinner on dune. The vast and uninterrupted view of desert will took the romance to the next level as candle lit up and you are back on ground zero.

Imagine a glass of Champaign in your hand, sunset at your backdrop and you look into the eyes of your loved one. Be it a proposal date or honeymoon or an anniversary, the dinner on dune with the unparalleled hospitality in a traditional royal style of THAR OASIS Resort and Camp would please your partner to the core. This could also be the the most perfect photographic moment to capture in a lifetime. At your demand THAR OASIS also arranges a photographer expert to shoot adorable moments like these to save the memory forever.

Followed by the Dinner on Dune you may want to lay down for star gazing. The feeling of gazing stars under the crystal clear sky is a luxury and part of our romantic desert experience activity part. The luxury just gets priceless when your sweetheart is in your arm with a cool desert breeze flowing quietly. Getting excited with imagining the stuff!!! ‘Love-is-truly-in-the-Air’ at THAR OASIS Resort and Camp. Get in touch with us and we will create an unforgettable experience for you.