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Resorts in Jodhpur

13 Aug 2018

Looking for best resorts in Jodhpur or want to get information about resorts in Jodhpur this blog post is defiantly for you. The royal city of Jodhpur is known for its hospitality values and rich culture know more about Jodhpur along with staying options.

Jodhpur – The Blue or Sun City

The royal city of Jodhpur is founded in 1459 by Rajput king Rao Jodha and hence it is called Jodhpur after his name. The city is also known as Blue City and Sun City because of its unique architectural style. Jodhpur is second largest city and consider as a gateway to the Thar Desert which is major attraction among tourists. Being the darling city for tourist the city has plenty of hotels and resorts in Jodhpur. However it is known fact that tourist usually visit Jodhpur for fun experience and staying in hotel is not cool option hence resorts in Jodhpur providing plenty of activities while staying with them.

Why to Choose Resort instead of Hotel?

To understand the difference between a normal hotel stay and resort experience you first have to understand the different type of traveler. A normal traveler who is visiting multiple cities for work or business objective can stay in hotel however a vacationer who is looking for break from hectic life and want to create an experience choose resort. You can enjoy quality time with your loved ones while staying in Resort near Jodhpur.

Another mjaor difference between a hotel and a luxury resort is their location. Most of good Hotels in Jodhpur are normally located in popular destinations such as near airports, railway stations or in business areas or localities. Resorts in Jodhpur on the other hand are located in the midst of natural and picturesque surroundings and probably near the Thar Desert.

As we mentioned earlier Jodhpur is all about experiences e.g. – Desert Camp, Desert Sports, Night Life, Village Culture, Star Gazing, Camel Ride and many more. Resorts in Jodhpur and hotel provide almost similar luxury and comfort as far as accommodation is concern however the activities are the real difference. A resort is usually spread out over more land compared to a hotel hence the scope of getting in-house activities are more and one do not need to move or contact some third party vendor for entertainment activities.

Thar Oasis Resort and Camp – Best Resort in Jodhpur

Thar Oasis Resort and Camp is shining star among the resorts in Jodhpur and considered best resort in Jodhpur. Staying in Thar Oasis Resort and Camp is more than bed and bathroom because the large landscape and activity area is unique in entire Jodhpur region. We assure you that while staying in best resort in Jodhpur you will get numerous activities, royal hospitality, amazing food and last but not least the experience for which you are visiting Jodhpur.

Thar Oasis Resort and Camp is located 125 Km from Jodhpur and 130 Km from Jaisalmer which makes it best among other resorts in Jodhpur.

  1. Its located far from the city hassle
  2. Provide flexibility to explore Jodhpur and Jaisalmer while staying at one place
  3. It is located at gateway of the Thar Desert hence provide you more time in creating desert experience
  4. Separate camp side for camping experience which is unique.
  5. Provide an array of luxury yet affordable

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