THAR OASIS is pledged to serve customers with the real Thar Desert experience in our Luxury Desert Camp near Jodhpur. THAR OASIS camps and permanent tents are located at the heart of Thar Desert. Our luxury desert camp near Jodhpur is located far from rush of main Jodhpur city and rests under the lap of nature. The ultimate experience of camping in the middle of Thar Desert dunes leaves your entire hectic schedule behind while you sail in gold like sand. The Luxury Swiss tents are specially designed for those who want to experience the camping in desert at its best. These tents are equipped with all major amenities, cosmetics, spa products, King size bed, attached bathrooms, water supply etc. Just flap the curtains of tent and you enter into the Thar Dessert of Rajasthan. The place gives a chance to embrace the beauty of peace, calm and nothingness. The mornings are well beyond your imagination here, the beautiful sunrise along with the sound of humming birds seems to be a gift of lifetime from nature itself. The majestic canvas view would re-energise your spirit to start the day.

Glimpse of Our Luxury Desert Camp

Activities at Thar Oasis Camp Makes the Difference

Camping in Thar Desert starts with an irresistible Jeep Safari. The rustic voice of Jeep’s engine would indulge you in the deserted area with a spectacular view of local wildlife. You might also get carried away once you are exposed to the Thar culture. One might be surprised with the vegetation and plantation as well in the middle of nowhere. The tender nature of sand and cold breeze all around is what a campaigner would appreciate thought the Jeep Safari. When it ends, you would witness a sunset in our luxury desert camp near Jodhpur that you have never seen before. The ultimate photographic locations and background would force you to cherish, capture and share the moments immediately on your social network.

While you are in the Thar Desert, you must not miss the humpy ride on “Ship of Desert”. One of the most captivating things to do is a camel ride on the dunes of giant deserts. While we all are used to cars and other motor vehicles, we can never imagine the height at which we can sit and enjoy the uninterrupted view of large areas. Our camel ride guards are well aware of flora and fauna of the area. He will take you to the most amazing, exciting and adventurous journey while you enjoy the selfies on camel and the golden sand all around you.

There are many camp site in and around Jodhpur however very few of them gives you authentic desert life experience. Being the best luxury desert camp near Jodhpur, Thar Oasis understands the value of experience and hence organize village walk. A camping specially in place like Thar Desert never gets completed without the local exposure of people living such extreme conditions. We at THAR OASIS Resort and Camp arrange an exclusive tour to nearby village where you get a chance to put your legs in their shoes to live the local life which is, trust us, far different and challenging than our usual life in cities. Males Get dressed up in “Safa – the big turban”, “lungi-kurta”, whereas magnificent “lac – chura”, and “ghaghra-choli” await for females.

At the Desert camp, THAR OASIS Resort and Camp arranges night dinner under the shadow of bright stars. The delicious and traditional Rajasthani food cooked by a dedicated Chef served with high end hospitality will make your night. With the food local folk performances are arranged followed by you own karaoke or DJ night. You may also choose for a camp fire dinner cooked by chef or even by yourself during the camping with THAR OASIS.

To know more about how to reach our luxury desert camp near Jodhpur or detailed list of activities while camping.. Contact us today. Our executive will get in touch with you and help you to get into the real Thar Desert Sand Dunes.