Tent Stay in Jaisalmer

Tent Stay in Jaisalmer

18 Oct 2018

Planning for a Tent Stay in Jaisalmer at the desert then this place is perfect getaway for you. Thar Oasis Resort and Camp is one of the best service provider for Desert camp in Jaisalmer which you should definitely visit during your vacation.


Tent Stay - A Royal Feel!

Tent stay in Jaisalmer is very unique in every manner. It gives you the idea of residing away from the city and makes you feel out of the world. Tent Houses are much like a home and involves wide outer space where you can enjoy campaigning, desert safari, rope way, etc. Nowadays, Youths prefer most to experience and explore places that would provide adventure as they offer a lot of joyful things.

Desert camp in Jaisalmer offer helping in conservation of desert life at one end, whereas showcasing pure and also experiencing colorful Rajasthani culture on the other. All the tents are equipped with the latest amenities like a comfortable cot with thick mattress, attached toilet with 24 hours hot and cold running water and many more. The best things about this desert camps are the evenings when you can enjoy the cultural programmes and the folk music. As Jaisalmer is known for its ‘Golden Fortress’, one can explore the amazing city as you walk through the ancient fortress city, marvelling at the involvedly carved Jain temples and private havelis or mansions.

During your visit to Desert camp in Jaisalmer, you can indulge in various activities like Camel Safari, Jeep safari etc. in the Sand Dunes of Thar Desert. In the evening you can also enjoy the traditional dance performances by the professional performers, Whether it is Ghoomer, Potter Dance, Kalbeliya - the Snake Dance, Bhopa-Bhopi Dance etc. Enjoy the Bonfire with delicious dinner, as it is the best momerable thing you will experienced during Tent stay in Jaisalmer.

If you are looking for beautiful Tent stay in Jaisalmer, then Thar Oasis Resort and Camp is one of the best service provider in Jaisalmer.


The Final Say!

You can book your stay at Thar Oasis Resort and Camp either by contacting the camp team or our team, Who offers complete camp packages for Jaisalmer trip from arrival to departure.


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