Destination Wedding Venue Jodhpur

Destination Wedding Venue in Jodhpur

08 Mar 2018

Planning wedding in India may feel like a tedious task but breaking it down into simple steps will help stop it from feeling quite so daunting. First and most important parameter for any wedding planning is the venue. Once you have budget set, you can start exploring options and destination wedding in Jodhpur is obvious choice nowadays. With impressive Thar Desert and its overlooking pristine sand dunes creates an amazing destination wedding venue in Jodhpur. Many local and international couples are choosing Jodhpur as destination wedding city and looking for destination wedding venue in Jodhpur, we at Thar Oasis Resort and Camp offer two unique venues for wedding parties one is our luxury resort and another is our camp site. Thar Oasis is superbly located between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer hence planning a destination wedding in Thar Oasis provides extra opportunity to feel the thrill of The Thar Desert.

Both our Venues offer different tastes, styles and sizes of wedding. Whichever option one choose, he /she will experience the same, exquisite choice of menus, an unmatched level of warm, friendly hospitality service and mind blowing decoration in which to capture your special day in photographs.

The Venue - Thar Oasis Resort and Camp

Thar Oasis resort and Camp is known for its hospitality values in entire Thar Desert region. Whether its food, customer service, entertainment or accommodation no one can beat us. We pride ourselves on our friendly staff, professional service, great food and absolute value for money. We have organized more than 20 weddings last year and our team is expert in custom arrangements. Our team will curate the perfect destination wedding for your specific requirements in one of our customized wedding package.

If you do not have huge budget and looking for small destination wedding venue in Jodhpur then also you can choose us. You can plan your function in one of our restaurant or hall which will cost you similar to a banquet hall budget.

We would love you to make an appointment to visit Thar Oasis Resort and Camp, view our rooms and our restaurants and discuss your wedding requirements. If you are interested in finding out more about destination wedding venue in Jodhpur, don’t hesitate to contact us for details.

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