Destination Wedding Jaisalmer

Destination Wedding in Jaisalmer

09 Mar 2018

Wish to have Destination wedding in Jaisalmer, we can describe this place in three words – Beautiful, Romantic and affordable. Your dream destination wedding would come true at the city which stands tall on a ridge of yellowish sandstone and the crowned by the Jaisalmer fort. Take yourself to the journey in wonderland which ends up with tying knots while the fort; which seems to be build by pure gold at first look; is at your backdrop. Wow - It is giving the Goosebumps!!! Wish to turn this into reality. Come to Jaisalmer for your budget / boutique destination wedding. This would surely be loved by all your relatives and friends.

Wedding at Thar Oasis Resort and Camp - It is Different

Thar Oasis Resort and Camp is 150 Km away from Jaisalmer city and consider as a gateway of the Thar Desert. It is different because it is free from city chaos and provides peace of mind. Second, the concept of destination wedding in Jaisalmer demands something different from the traditional one where the guests only enjoy few rituals. Here the Thar Oasis Resort and Camp provides you not only the destination but the aura of royalty, tradition, colours and hospitality to enjoy but also the beauty where you can capture the moments of fun during wedding in desert. The local cultural performances and the food is unique, and Hey… who does not want those unique stuff to be part of their wedding too?

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, everyone's expectations for entertainment are always so high from host. One way to make sure that all of your guests are super impressed is to use any of these insanely entertaining ideas e.g. – Camel Ride, Jeep Safari, Village Walk, Stargazing or dinner on dunes.

You can even plan to have guest entry on camels at your wedding. You may make camels available for your entire guest to visit nearby places upon request. Exciting and unique stuff!! Just tell us where you can get all these experiences at destination wedding in Jaisalmer.

The Final Say!

Whether you are planning a small or royal destination wedding in Jaisalmer, we at Thar Oasis Resort and Camp help you to make it perfect. Our expert wedding planning team will help you with budgeting and theme planning.

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