Banquet Hall in Jodhpur

Banquet Hall in Jodhpur

31 Mar 2018

If you are looking for a luxurious yet affordable place for wedding or banquet hall in Jodhpur, Thar Oasis Resort & camp is the ideal choice. To make any wedding memorable the place where you host the gathering is a key. Thar Oasis resort & camp presents you an elegant and appealing Banquet hall in Jodhpur for hosting large gatherings. We can easily accommodate 250 people at one shot. More guests (up to 500) can easily be accommodated with some customization at our banquet hall without losing its look and feel. The in house team of decorators and designers make sure that the banquet hall expresses you in all hosting. The banquet hall can be adorned with theme based interiors in quick succession which makes wedding ceremonies look altogether different from each other. The banquet hall in Jodhpur at Thar Oasis also provide a pleasing view to all guest making them feel more than happy ever, especially when they are attending a wedding of their loved ones. And the hospitality of Thar is actually icing on the cake.

Party Hall in Jodhpur

The tailor made decoration at the banquet or party hall make it more attractive not only for weddings but all sort of gatherings such as pre-wedding dinners, naming ceremony, birthday parties, friends get together, anniversaries, musical nights and what not.

Our guests can also hire the party hall in Jodhpur and bring the team from outside if there is something really unique and crazy going in their minds. The spectacular party hall can also be turned into a DJ / dance floor if needed for any event or function. The spacious party hall allows guests to get themselves free in the air. To avoid the desert heat, it is well fitted with all amenities but you won’t be able to get away with heat of party and fun. The banquet hall comes with full range of catering services with staff committed to serve the best. The party hall in Jodhpur is designed pillar less which provide an end to end visibility to spot any craziness happening at any corner!!!

The Final Say!

With city of Jodhpur at the backdrop, the banquet hall also a good place to start with a photo-shoot. To make any party a talk of the town kind of thing, one need a beautiful snaps to discuss about. When beautiful people clubbed with an awesome background for photos, be it candid or otherwise, it sends out a message to the world and who doesn’t want to do that in the age of facebook and twitter!!!

To be honest the banquet halls are a small part of any wedding or party but not too small to ignore. It is actually the place where guest will finally join each other and share greetings. To keep them in good mood, the surrounding plays a vital role; and when surroundings come into the picture you can’t just afford to have any hall. You need the banquet hall of a stature that our incredible heritage resort offers which is delightful, pleasing, luxurious,elegant, fully customized based on themes and yet affordable with best hospitality in Jodhpur.

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