Activities in Thar Desert while Camping

Activities in Thar Desert while Camping

27 Sep 2018

Camping in desert is a most beautiful thing you want to experience in your life. Sunrise with the soft morning lights and sunset around sand dunes, nothing can be compared to this open, free feeling of camping in a beautiful Thar Desert. If you are planning to explore Thar Desert and looking for Best Thar Desert Camping then, visit Thar Oasis Resort and Camp.


Thar - The Great Indian Desert!

Thar Desert lies mostly in the Royal Rajasthan states of India, and extended into the some portion of Haryana, punjab and Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. The maximum area is covered in Rajasthan, India and total covers area is 208,110 km. It is said to be “The Great Indian Desert” is extending towards UP and MP as well. Best time to visit in Thar desert is between October-March.


Things to do in Thar Desert while Camping!


1) Staying Overnight in a Desert Camp :

Staying in one must be one of the top things to do in Thar Desert Rajasthan. Since, this is an experience of a lifetime. Forget the luxuries of the cities. And for one night, settle in the middle of nowhere in one of these desert camps. Living in hotel everytime, you can't explore the thar desert fully. While doing Thar Desert Camping you can watch all the arrangement they do from transporting to water facilities for their town.

2) Desert Jeep Safari :

If you are an adventure lover, then this can be in your first thing to do in Thar Desert Camping. If you have right SUV with you then you can drive by yourself or else you can also hire a Jeep or SUV and explore the exotic desert. This can be your best rollercoaster ride experience that you would like to do.

3) Camel Riding :

Camel safari is the most enchanting activity which you can enjoy in the Golden Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer. It is the most remarkable experience of Camel Safari in the sand dunes which offers a scenic view of the sunrise in the early morning which is a perfect backdrop for capturing photographs. Post Camel safari in the evening, get pleasure from an amusing overnight stay in the deserted dunes with a perfect camp set up and a campfire, and also preparing a meal over a campfire is one of the special experience.

4) Parasailing :

Again if you are an adventure lover, this is a must to do in your lists in Thar Desert Camping. Parasailing helps you to watch the world from a different point of view. Since the sky is clear most of the time, And the vast stretches of sand can give you such an uninterrupted view of the horizons far off. You will definitely feel like a free bird while Parasailing in the middle of the Thar Desert.

5) Star Gazing :

Last time, when you get the chance to gaze at bright stars in a clear sky? Since the feeling of lying below a clear sky and gazing at the stars has no parallel. So, don’t miss the chance. Add star gazing in your list of things to do in Thar Desert Camping.

6) Photography :

You will get many chances for exploring thar desert with your excellent photography. Also there are some beautiful captures that you can try your hands on like the sunrise and sunset over the sand dunes, star filled skies, camels with the backdrops of the sand dunes and most main thing, in local traditional dressed for everyone.


The Final Say!

Feel the magical experience of Thar desert by booking with Thar Oasis Resort and Camp in Rajhasthan. The rich hospitality, host of activities, music, entertainment and authentic Rajasthani cuisine that will make you feel like inspired traveller of the desert.