We, THAR OASIS Resort and Camp in the outskirts of Jodhpur city are the best resort to have a spur of the moment picnic. The resort in the heartland of Thar Desert gives no reason to not to get in and indulge with your loved ones to have fun. THAR OASIS Resort and Camp has range of activities to get engaged in and hence considered the best picnic resort near Jodhpur. A family picnic is not a picnic if it not includes the long ride. At our resort you may start your day with the Jeep Safari to the desert. The ups and downs on sand dunes of Thar Desert tickle and shake the kid inside you. If you watch closely, the kids enjoy these rides most; the zigzag curves of dunes drive them crazy. While ride on dunes are exciting, who don’t love to get exposed to wildlife on a picnic. We all cherish to see wild animals roaming free in their territory. With THAR OASIS Resort and Camp as your host, you are surely goanna witness the local animals. The never ending sight of wide spread deserted field give you an excellent background to relax on the family trip.

Being the best picnic resort near Jodhpur we have a wide range of activities which every desert safari lover would love to explore. Next highlight at THAR OASIS resorts and Camp for family picnic is the Camel ride. You won’t like to miss this opportunity especially when kids are around. They would surely love the humpy-bumpy ride on camels. The ride is not only restricted to the resort compound, but covers a large area of desert. The ride starts in second half and finishes at the sunset. Witnessing a sunset in a desert is one of a kind experience and something totally new to your kids. The eye catching site can never be seen in the city crowd and rush. Our camel riders are highly experiences and aware of all corners of the place making the ride safe and secure for all family members.

Glimpse of Family Picnic at Thar Oasis

Next in line is the DJ pool party where kids and elders can mingle up with each other. The place offers a relaxing time to parents as well. We, at THAR OASIS Resort and Camp have dedicated staff to make sure the kids and other guests enjoy during the pool side party. They can enjoy swimming, music, dance and other water sports in the pool as our staff keeps check on them all the time. At the time where kids are more involved in gadgets, to motivate them and elders of family in outdoor sports, we have a dedicated fun park where kids and elders all can get along. This would not only do a physical activity for them but a nice and gentle way to increase the bonding within a family. What else we can ask from a family picnic.

In our childhood we have been to the dams for the picnic, right! How about you can also take your kids at such place while at the same time does not wish to miss the above activities? Well, if desired, we can arrange a special tour to a nearby Jawai Dam ?? its around 4 hrs drive from our place .. migratory birds near to our property can be spotted at Khichan..please edit it accordingly.. which is few hours’ drive from our resort. The Dam is one of the largest in Rajasthan and the hosts some migrated birds like Sarus Crane. The dam is also having a crocodile sanctuary which has fascinated all the visitors here. During this picnic ride, spotting a local leopard and Jackals are usual.


If outdoors doesn’t fascinates you much or you already had enough of it, being the best picnic resort near jodhpur we has full indoor arena to play and gel up with family. The dedicated kids’ zone presents a whole concept of playfulness to our guest. Indoor sports for adults are also incorporated here like, Table Tennis, Billiards, Squash, Cricket nets, Badminton etc.

The Final Say!

Last but not least, no picnic is said to be completed without an awesome food. We at THAR OASIS have number of options for same. We provide traditional Rajasthani food throughout your picnic trip irrespective of your location. The highlight is traditionally cooked and served dinner on Dunes. Imagine yourself surrounded by your family members circling around the fire at the center. Our expert and trained staff would serve the food while you enjoy the star gazing under a crystal clear sky. One may also choose to cook by him/herself to make the night more memorable in the middle of the desert. Join us at THAR OASIS Resort and Camp for unmatched experience.

To book our best picnic resort near Jodhpur give a call or inquire through our website, one of our friendly sales executive will assist you for booking.