The Resort

We at Thar Oasis Resorts in Jaisalmer, believe in the age old code of conduct, Athithi devo bhav. Thus an undivided attention is paid to cater individual guest needs and make the stay a memory to be cherished for lifetime.

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Our Location
Amidst the deserts of Rajasthan, on Jodhpur-Jaisalmer link road, lies a majestic oasis, Thar Oasis Resort, which is a jewel in the crown of Thar Desert. It exudes an unmistakable architectural craftsmanship, which beautifies the serenity of desert.
Staying with Us
The traditional Rajasthani mud houses equipped with modern amenities is a refreshing blend of nature with eco-friendly technology. Throughout your stay, at the resort, the staff at Thar Oasis Resort, would gladly guide you through the pleasures and amenities that lie within and around the resort. You may also opt for a relaxed walk through the farms around the resort.
Dinning with Us
Our chefs take care to serve sumptuous Rajasthani, Indian and Continental cuisine, so as you can relish the good taste for years to come, and have an unforgettable dining experiences with us