You may never want to miss the glory of the Sunset while you are mounting on the high dunes. We recommend you the jeep safari as it provides the perfect glimpse of the desert and the culture of popular Bishnois, our very own ecologists. Capture the artistic works of nature while enjoying the safari. You must understand that the village here is not very large, in reality; they have small hamlets known as Dhanies. Watch the sun drop under the Horizon. During Safari we take you across the desert with a stop to view the amazing sunset. You can watch native wildlife and villages as you drive through the isolated sand dunes. You can experience the desert environment and get a glimpse of the desert vegetation.    —Read More—

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It is almost impossible that one who visits Rajasthan can say that he or she isn’t interested to have a camel ride. Enjoy the unique experience of a camel ride at sunset. Measuring the dunes of desert through a camel ride is what one craves for. Bid goodbye to the sun while mounting on the highest dune for a lifetime experience which you will cherish on your way back. On your way you will notice Chinkaras and other wildlife roaming freely. Finding the correct balance on top of one of these animals is an exercise of calm and character.  —Read More—

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Rajasthan has a rich culture heritage life in villages. Rajasthan is the house for a huge variety of village life depending caste, religion, tradition, culture and festivals. It’s said that the heart of India lies in its villages so what better way to experience this magical country than by spending time in its rural communities. A must have experience is the Bishnoi Village Safari that tours through the quaint and small village.  In these villages, you will get a chance to understand a villager’s way of life and get a glimpse of their archaic houses. The villages abode locals of numerous castes but the crown of Rajasthan is the Bishnoi clan. The Bishnoi tribe is well known for animal and plant conservation. The respect they overlay to animals and trees is immense. These villagers protect their soil from erosion by planting fodder for their cattle. A tour to the villages is the finest possible way to dwell in the heart of Rajasthan and its people.    —Read More—

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